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English isn’t my first language. Will indis help me improve my English at work?

The authors of indis are familiar with the types of problems experienced by people such as yourself. Although indis does not aim to teach you basic English it can help improve your business or technical writing skills in four ways.

Firstly, it will help you understand the difference between the English you learnt in class and the English your employer expects. In class you wrote to get top marks from your only audience, your teacher. At work you are writing for people who need to know something because they need to do something.
Indis will help you focus on what these people want.

Secondly, for those aspects of English that you did learn in class, indis offers you a revision at your fingertips about topics such as:

· Correctly matching the subject and verb in your sentences

· Using the, a and an correctly

· Keeping sentence length short

· Choosing the right word such as principle or principal and alternate or alternative

Thirdly, there is a lot of advice you need but have never been taught:

· The importance of writing consistently

· How and when to use abbreviations, acronyms and contractions

· Why you shouldn’t give people negative instructions

· How to write about money, numbers, dates, units of measurement and time

Finally, indis includes advice on using visuals such as diagrams instead of text. Let’s face it–you might be able to use some visual elements instead of writing a page of text.

And remember, indis sits on your desktop. The answer to your question is only three clicks away.

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indis is particularly useful for anyone who is asked to write but has had little or no experience with business or technical writing.