indis FAQs

My high school teacher said never to
put a comma before ‘and’.
Is this true?

Yes and no. Indis gives examples of when to use a comma before and–and when not to.

Will indis help me to punctuate my writing?

Yes indis will help you to punctuate your writing.

However, rather than swamp you with lots of information about dozens of punctuation marks, indis concentrates on the ones you are most likely to use in business and technical communication, for example: apostrophes, colons, commas, dashes, exclamation marks, full stops, hyphens and semicolons. Indis describes exactly when to use each punctuation mark and gives examples of how they are used in modern Australian English.

As well as covering the common punctuation marks indis has brief descriptions of another 20 punctuation marks that you might need to know the names of.

My manager and my peer reviewers complain about my long sentences.
How can I shorten my sentences?

This is a common question. Indis covers various aspects of writing short, clear sentences, with advice and examples on how to:

· Correctly combine clauses, phrases and punctuation

· Identify and delete unnecessary words

· Replace common phrases with a single word.

Why do I need another style guide? We already have a branding style guide and in our profession we have our own ways of writing.

Many professionals and technicians who write at work ask the same question. Indis complements the specialist style guides you already use at work.

Branding, professional and technical style guides do not offer general writing and Australian usage advice. For example, indis gives you guidance on how to write sentences and compile them into effective paragraphs. It has lots of advice on how to write consistently and concisely. It has lists of commonly misused words and spelling errors. It has examples of how to use the most common punctuation marks. It offers tips on planning and testing your documents as well as using visual elements such as photos. These topics and most of the others in indis are not generally covered in branding or professional style guides.

The guidance in indis applies as much to professional and technical staff as it does to people working elsewhere in your organisation such as in transport, security or human resources. Their writing skills may be limited but they are still expected to write short email instructions and reports for both internal and external use.

Indis is for anyone in an organisation who needs to convey clear and consistent messages even though their main task is not writing.

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indis is particularly useful for staff for whom English is not their first language or for anyone who is asked to write but has had little or no past experience with business or technical writing.