Why every company should have a style guide...

Whether internal or external, any correspondence produced in your company's name should be consistent and unambiguous.

Long words, where a short one would do better, shouldn't be used. Product names and part names should be consistent. The use of words such as their and there and it's and its should be used correctly at all times.

How to achieve this? One way is with indis, the Indispensible Online Style Guide which can be on every employee's desktop and with only three clicks they'll find their answer. No more excuses that the style book wasn't available or there wasn't time to look it up.

indis is an online file, and apart from many very useful lists, such as short words to use instead of long ones, it gives a standard for writing lists and whether a bulleted, running or numbered list is the one to use.

Indis costs only 39.95 for each individual copy but for company-wide use, the cost is negotiable.

Better still, we will customise it for you.

There are many choices you can make in the English language and in indis, we document the alternatives. You can choose the one that you prefer and we will change it to only offer your preference.

We will include a list your product and company names exactly as you want them to be written.

Alongside your company-specific details, you will still have the indis standards, a wealth of advice on, for example, how to use punctation marks, units of measure, time and what to include in different types of document and so on.

Nowhere else will you get an almost made to measure online company style guide!
Contact us today at indis active to discuss your customising requirement.

indis is particularly useful for staff for whom English is not their first language or for anyone who is asked to write but has had little or no past experience with business or technical writing.