Why indis?

indis is the indispensable online style guide for people whose business is not generally writing, and for people whose skills are not as a writer but who must write. It is also indispensable for skilled writers who occasionally need to check for style alternatives or for a new slant on an old idea.

No more wasted time looking for a writing style, with indis there are 90 topics just three clicks away.

indis will ensure company-wide consistency in all writing and documentation. This enables your staff to produce professional, usable and appealing information for clients and internal users.

 What is a writing style guide? Why use one?

A style guide is a reference document that includes rules and suggestions for writing style and document presentation. Style guides often specify which option to use when several options exist, or when they are specific to an organisation or industry. The content in the style guide is not usually a matter of ‘correct’ or ‘incorrect’ grammar or style, but rather the decision you or your employee or client have made from among the many possibilities.
Jean Weber, Southern Communicator, Issue 15.

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indis is particularly useful for staff for whom English is not their first language or for anyone who is asked to write but has had little or no past experience with business or technical writing.